Louvres are part of a sun control and shading system designed to optimise the comfort of a building’s occupants. Sun louvres, or solar control shading, installed directly onto buildings, diffuse the harsh glare of sunlight, keep the internal temperature comfortably cool during the day, maintain outward visibility, and allow for the continued circulation of fresh air. At AfriClad, a subsidiary of First African Holdings, we aim to guarantee a comfortable working environment through the implementation of louvres. 

The objective is to filter out harsh light and excessive heat, while as far as possible still allowing for the benefits of natural lighting and the movement of fresh air. In doing this, louvres solar cladding can also take the pressure off air-conditioners, which saves on costs by reducing your energy usage.

A customised sun control system is the more effective, natural and stylish option for your building. 

More than simply functional, a solar control system adds a touch of elegance and refinement to any building’s appearance, being designed to suit all manner of architectural styles. 

From design and manufacture through to installation and maintenance, we can provide you with customised sun control solutions that are effective, attractive, and sustainable.