Peripheral Signage

With the awarding of signage contracts, much attention is often devoted to the main pylon and fascia signs. They are, after all, the most expensive components to design, prototype and manufacture and the most complex to ship and install.

However, most projects we are involved with have a requirement for a wide variety of peripheral signage, or secondary signage, components which make a significant contribution to a brand’s retail corporate image.

In petrol station environment, way finding and directional signs and informational decals play a major role in supporting the brand while also helping to guide drivers.

At First African Holdings, we have the manufacturing capability to conceptualise and produce huge monolith signs such as the 16m pylons we made for Shell, but we’re just as geared to making various signage products such as spreaders, lifestyle signs, entry/exit (way-finding signs), BCO’s, product displays, miniature pylons such as obelisks, POP (Point of Purchase) signs, posters and column cladding.

A woman working on peripheral and secondary signage in a manufacturing facilityInformation and directional signs displayed on binsClose up of information and directional signs displayed on binsTechron A-frame information signs

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