Lightbox Signage

ContiPartner lightbox in a commercial signage manufacturing facility

Lightbox signage is a great product to not only visually enhance your corporate brand, but it also serves a further purpose to reinforce that brand image and allows you to effectively display your signage at night.

Pylon Signs

Caltx high rise pylon sign for a petrol station being placed using construction equipment

Pylon signs allow you to effectively direct motorists to your petrol station and serve as a valuable platform for displaying other information such as fuel prices and further amenities and services offered.

Shopfront Signage

Lightbox shop front sign at a Fresh Stop food retail outlet

Your shopfront offers a great opportunity to display your retail image to potential customers and can also serve as a platform for POS signage, allowing you to run high-impact advertising and promotional campaigns.

Peripheral Signage

Techron A-frame peripheral and secondary signs

It is important to effectively guide your motorists around your petrol station with visual cues. This can be achieved with custom peripheral signage that does not only offer directional indication advantages, but further information and advertising too.


Cladding applied to the exterior of high end vehicle dealership Ferrari

Cladding will not only serve to enhance your corporate or retail image by means of its creative versatility, but it provides other advantages that include noise-suppression, thermal insulation and a brilliant green rating.

Signage Maintenance

Signage Maintenance

Investing in the maintenance of your signage ensures that both your corporate brand and branded signage are well protected. Signage maintenance aims to pro-long the life span of your signage and illumination systems.



Louvres, or a sun control system, can filter out harsh light and excessive heat, while as far as possible still allowing for the benefits of natural lighting and the movement of fresh air.

LED Lighting Systems

Cold Door Lighting Systems

First African Holdings has partnered with a pioneer in light-emitting diode (LED) technology with 50 years of Lighting Excellence, with the dedication to provide customers with the best LED lighting systems.


Smartfix Cladding

Smartfix is a fixing system that enhances the aesthetic design of architecture. Smartfix ensures uniformity from panel to panel, removing the conventional exposed fixings and sealants that detract from the sharp clean look of a building.

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